Digital Bridges – Youth Development Workshop

The Metro Sports & Entertainment Group and Microsoft have partnered to provide technology-based  workshops, designed to teach and share basic game development, coding, and design skills to aspiring young professionals from under-served and lower-income communities.

A new wave of competitive players will learn tips and tricks on training, high profile event participation, earning an income through streaming, and the value social media integration.

African Americans and Latinx make up the majority (54%) of the US video-game consumer market, but only represent (6%) of all industry professionals, including designers, developers, business owners and players.

Ethnicity of video game developers globally

Atlas Data: IGDA Developer Satisfaction Survey (2017)

  • Caucasian 68% 68%
  • East/South-East Asian 18% 18%
  • Latinx 5% 5%
  • Pacific Islander 3% 3%
  • West Asian 2% 2%
  • Indigenous 2% 2%
  • African American 1% 1%

STEM for Under-Served Communities

At each Metro Fest tour and select specialty events, Metro Sports in partnership with Microsoft will produce in-store workshop experiences where industry professionals will teach and provide insight for aspiring gamers and game developers ages 12 to 16.

Aspiring Developers Will Receive:

• Education on using game development software

• Lessons on utilizing actors, meshes, and environments

• Skills and tips to enhance design and coding ability

Aspiring Pro Gamers Will Receive:

• Esports techniques for strategy, analysis, and competitions

• Details on the world of competitive gaming and streaming

• Individual branding advice on becoming a pro gamer 

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