Metro Sports is a digital world where everyone’s welcome, but only a few are victorious.

Metro Sports believes that by creating both digital & live entertainment properties, we have a unique opportunity to unite people of different backgrounds, cultures, and environments by leveraging shared interests and unyielding passions for technology, music, and video game competition.


Five years ago, esports was a fledgling enterprise, with small audiences and even smaller purses. Today, events sell out arenas and pay out millions. Metro Sports would like to welcome you to the future of competitive spectator sports.

live entertainment

As with traditional sports games, Metro Sports will produce live esports events that take place regularly throughout the year and require anthemic, energetic music to keep viewers, visiting fans, and players entertained and motivated.

metro fest

Our flagship event series travels to college campuses across America with an immersive esports & live music college tour experience. This event uniquely combines the world’s fastest growing sport in the world with the nation’s most popular music genres.